Yarn Pumpkin Centerpiece

yellow, white, orange yarn pumpkinsyellow, white, orange yarn pumpkins

Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Use the Rotary Tool to carve the styrofoam ball to look more like the shape of a pumpkin. Cut off the rounded top and bottom and then use the drill to make a big hole right through the center of the ball.

2. Thread the needle with some chunky yarn and begin wrapping the styrofoam ball through the hole. Continue wrapping until the entire ball is covered with yarn. Tip: Use thick chunky yarn and double the yarn, so you get double coverage. That will help speed up the wrapping process a little.

3. Cut down an old branch using the Rotary Tool for a perfect sized stem to fit in the top of the yarn pumpkin. Use the Glue Gun to glue it securely in place. Tip: If the branch is too dense use the angle grinder to cut through.

4. Use the Rotary Cutter to cut some colorful leaves out of the felt. Lay the leaves towards the top center of the stem and hot glue them into place. Tip: Use clip art to mimic the shape of a leaf or draw some freehand to use a guide.

5. Make a variety of different sizes and colored pumpkins to add to your Thanksgiving decor!