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Get to Know the Worx Hydroshot

Enjoy superior cleaning around the house with the Worx Hydroshot portable power cleaner. The Hydroshot packs a punch, with a full line of power cleaners producing up to 725 PSI to deliver an intense and consistent clean. The 4.0Ah battery provides hours of cleaning and double the runtime of traditional power cleaners that use 2.0Ah batteries.

The Worx Hydroshot is a leader in innovation when it comes to outdoor cleaning. Not only does it provide at least 5x more power than a traditional garden hose, the Hydroshot portable power cleaner features a versatile 5-in-1 pressure nozzle that allows for easy mid-clean switching of spray intensities ranging from 0° to 40° and a watering setting. The full line of Hydroshot power cleaners features lightweight designs allowing for easy, everyday use.


A Power Cleaner with the Ultimate Portability

The Hydroshot can attach directly to a garden hose, or it can pull from freshwater sources allowing you to save water. Furthermore, you can simply fill up a 2-liter bottle with water and attach it to the Hydroshot using the bottle adapter for the ultimate portability. The Worx Hydroshot equips you with the power and portability needed for countless cleaning activities. Shop the full line of Worx Hydroshot portable power cleaners today.