General Frequently Asked Questions

 Which spool and cap cover do I use for my grass trimmer?

  1. Spools
    1. i. WA0004/WA0010 (10’ x 0.065”) → For models: WG122, WG150, WG151, WG154, WG156, WG160, WG162, WG163, WG165, WG166, WG167, WG170, WG175, WG180
    2. WA0014 (20′ x 0.08″) → WG168, WG184, WG190, & WG191
    3. WA0007 (16’ x 0.065”) → WG108, WG113, WG116, WG119, WG124, & WG183
  2. Cap Covers
    1. WA6531 → WG122, WG150, WG151, WG154, WG156, WG160, WG162, WG163, WG165, WG166, WG167, WG170, WG175, WG180
    2. WA0037 → WG168, WG184, WG190, & WG191
    3. WA0216 → WG108, WG113, WG116, WG119, WG124, & WG183


How do I maintain my battery?

We recommend fully charging the battery prior to its first use to ensure the battery will have its' full power. Avoid completely depleting the battery when using your tool. This will cut down the overall power capacity overtime. Also, avoid overcharging the battery, this will ruin the battery and can cause the battery to become defective. Once the battery is fully charged, please take it out and unplug the charger. We also recommend that the battery be charged at least once every 6 months when being stored away.


What is the difference between standard batteries and the PRO batteries?

The Power Share™ PRO series of WORX high-capacity batteries are designed for optimal performance and come standard with the WORX NITRO product offering. These batteries utilize an intelligent battery management system that monitors each cell to enhance, power, performance, and runtime. Innovative, thermoplastic material encases each cell to pull heat away and maximize the cell’s performance, resulting in longer runtime. 360° cell protection provides increased security against vibration, drops, and water intrusion. This full-wrap design limits the influence that a compromised cell can have over the rest of the battery pack.


 What is the difference between a brushless motor and a standard motor?

Brushless motors are more efficient, run 50% longer, are 25% more powerful, and have 10% longer life. Plus, they're smaller and lighter than traditional motors, keeping Nitro tools compact and maneuverable.


What's the Free Spools for Life offer? How do I get them?

With the purchase of one of our qualifying trimmers and registering the tool, you are automatically enrolled in our Free Spools for Life program. The spools are free, we just ask that you cover the shipping and handling of $9.91 (plus sales tax, if applicable) for each package of six. To order please visit: Note: Not all of the trimmers qualify such as WG183, WG184, and WG186.


My spool appears to be melted and/or keeps breaking. Why?

Our spools are biodegradable and goes bad over time. They need to be kept in a cool dry place. If they are sitting in the heat, the lines will break easily, and they will appear to be melted and stick together.


What is the 30-day guarantee?

If you decide your tool isn’t right for you, we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee from date of receipt (less shipping and handling).


Where is WORX manufactured?

WORX tools are designed in Italy and manufactured in Suzhou, China.


What is the TOOL ONLY option? Will my model come with a battery and charger?

Most of our tools come with the battery and battery charger you need to operate the tool. If the model number includes the “.9” at the end, this means the model you are looking at is the bare tool without the battery and charger. This option allows customers who already own our batteries and chargers to Power Share and buy the tool only. 

You may click on the drop-down "What's in the box" to see what comes with your tool.


 How do I return my order?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your WORX product, WORX has a convenient 30 day* money back guarantee on all direct purchases, less any applicable shipping and/or restocking fees.

All returns must be processed using our WORX return label as it contains all of the pertinent information for successfully processing your refund. Using any other form of return shipment will result in a substantial delay of your refund.

Getting your return label is fast and easy! WORX offers two hassle-free return options:

Online: In your WORX account, at the bottom of the order information, click the “Return this order” button.
By Phone: Simply give us a call, toll free 1-866-354-WORX to request for your return label.


Does WORX offer senior discounts?

We do not have a senior discount offer, but please see here for our current discount offer:


What is the 3-year Limited Warranty?

If your WORX tool becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, we guarantee to do one of the following, though you may be required to pay shipping costs for return of the product to us and for shipment of the repaired/replaced product to you:

    1. Replace or repair all defective parts, or,
    2. Repair a defective unit, or,
    3. Replace the unit with a new or reconditioned unit.
      For more information on what the Limited Warranty is subject to, please visit:


What is the shipping time frame?

Our standard shipping is 7-10 business days, Priority shipping is 5-7 business days, and Express shipping is 2-3 business days. Please note that Express may not be offered to all orders. All shipping time frame starts from the day it ships from the warehouse, which is normally 24-48 business hours once the order has been finalized. We ship with FedEx ground.


Which retail store carries WORX products?

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, Fleet Farm, Walmart, and Sam’s club are some of the retailers that are known to carry WORX. Please check with your local retailer for availability as it will vary from store to store.


What is a normal battery runtime?

Runtime will vary from tool to tool and which battery you are using. If you are using a 20V 2.0 ah battery on a blower, the average runtime may be about 8 minutes, while using the same battery on a grass trimmer may give you an average of 15 minutes. It all depends on which tool you are using your battery on and what type of materials you use your tools on. We offer larger batteries to provide you the power you need to operate your tools. You can find them here:


Does WORX offer a trade-in program?

No, WORX does not have a trade-in program. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your purchases. Please see here for more details.


Which battery do I use for my 20V tool?

You may use any of the 20V batteries, no matter the amp hour, for your 20V tool as long as the battery is a 20V. Note that even though all 20V batteries will work on your 20V tool, some tools may require a higher amp battery to operate it to its fullest potential.


How can I be notified when an item comes back in stock?

You may add your email address to a get a notification for when the item comes back in stock. You can do this by going to the item's page and right below "Temporarily Out of Stock," there is a box to leave your email and request for the notification.


Does WORX offer a recycling program?

Sorry, not at this time.


Where can I find replacement parts?

You can find accessories and replacement parts under Accessories. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact customer support.


Which battery model is compatible to my tool?

WA3520, WA3525, WA3575, WA3578, WA3577, WA3579, WA3571, WA3012, WA3671, and WA3678 are all interchangeable. *Note: Larger amp hour batteries need our quick charger to charge. WA3512.1 is an 18V Lithium battery. Our current 20V batteries are compatible with it. All other batteries are either discontinued or there are no other comparable models. Check here for availability. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may choose to check out other retail stores such as Amazon or eBay as may be available for purchase. If your product is out of warranty, we recommend updating to a new model.