Aventon eBike Powered by Power Share

Aventon eBike Powered by Power Share

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  • Aventon powered by Power Share™: We’ve partnered with the top eBike manufacturer Aventon to create the first eBike powered by the same rechargeable 20V batteries used by your favorite lifestyle, power tool, and outdoor power equipment products from the Power Share™ line.
  • Powerful 350W motor travels up to 28 miles and reaches a top speed of 20 MPH on a single charge.
  • 5 pedal assist levels to help push you farther and to the top of steep hills. Use the throttle function to thrust forward without any pedaling.
  • Backlit, easy-read LCD display shows battery life, speed, pedal assist level, and distance traveled.
  • An upright, step-through frame makes this eBike easy to mount for various types of riders.
  • Mechanical disc braking provides reliable stopping and simplifies maintenance.
  • Shimano 7-speed chain swiftly shifts gears for smooth riding on different terrains.
  • Adjustable comfort saddle provides ample support for a comfortable ride.
  • Includes (2) 20V 8.0Ah Power Share™ batteries and (1) Power Share™ dual charger for rapid recharging. Fast charger can fully charge (2) 8Ah batteries in just 4 hours.
  • Same Battery, Expandable Power. The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share™ family.

Aventon Pace 350 Adult eBike Powered by Power Share | WORX

Design & Quality

Aventon owns and oversees the design & manufacturing process from soup to nuts. They can speak to every input, and they stand by every output.


Aventon makes durable dependable, high-performing e-mobility products that thrill and delight riders, over and over again.

Expandable Power

The Power ShareTM batteries deliver extended run times, increased heat dissipation and are compatible with all Worx 20V, 40V, and 80V garden, lifestyle and power tools.

Pedal meets power

This eBike pedals like any other bike—but packs a powerful 350W motor to make rides easier. Use 5 levels of pedal assist to cut the effort and reach all your favorite destinations faster.

For people & the planet

Whether you’re a city commuter or a leisure rider, the Aventon eBike takes you faster and farther with eco-friendly Power ShareTM battery power. And with an easy-to-mount step-through frame and adjustable comfort saddle, it makes fuel-free travel accessible to many types of bikers.

Go farther with Power ShareTM

Say goodbye to waiting for a fixed, on-board battery to charge — Power ShareTM batteries are swappable on the fly, and give you up to 28 miles* of additional range with each pair.

*Using (2) fully charged 8Ah Power ShareTM batteries. Mileage dependent on speed, road conditions, weight, and other riding factors.

Graphic showing Power Share battery compartment location on Aventon eBike

Power packed

With a powerful 350W motor, travel up to 28 miles at a top speed of 20 MPH* on a single charge.

*Using (2) fully charged 8Ah Power ShareTM batteries. Mileage dependent on speed, road conditions, weight, and other riding factors.

Close up of Aventon eBike storage location for batteries - powerful 350w motor

Ride smart

See real-time data on your ride with the bright backlit LCD dashboard that displays speed, distance traveled, battery power, and pedal assist level. ​

Bright backlit LCD screen to see displays speed, distance travled, battery bower and pedal assist

Bike like a breeze

Shimano 7-speed chain transitions gears for smooth riding on varying terrains, while mechanical disc braking provides safe, reliable stopping.​

Aventon eBike back tire showing Shimano 7-speed chain

Aventon eBike Powered by Power ShareTM

  • Adjustable comfort saddleAdapts to reduce pressure and optimize support
  • Shimano 7-speed chainSeamless gear shifting for smooth riding on different terrains
  • Step-through frameEasy-to-mount design for comfortable and accessible riding
  • Backlit LCD displayVibrant dashboard shows speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and battery life
  • Mechanical disc brakeStops fast and reliably
  • Power ShareTM battery compartmentSecure, locking port holds Power ShareTM batteries—a swappable, rechargeable power source to take you farther
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Black Aventon eBike standing upright
  • Foldable stemFor easy portability & storage
  • LED displayShows battery life, speed, & mode
  • Step-through frameEasy-to-mount design for comfortable and accessible riding
  • Integrated bellLet others know you’re riding by
  • Rear disc brakeAllows you to stop quickly & safely
  • Power ShareTM battery compartmentSwappable & rechargeable, Power ShareTM batteries let you go farther
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Techy Stuff

  • Owner's Manual
  • Top Speed20 MPH
  • Range16-28 miles
  • Battery Capacity(2) 8.0Ah
  • Voltage40V
  • Motor350W
  • Pedal Assist5 Levels
  • Product Weight55 lbs.
  • Weight Limit220 lbs.
  • BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc
  • TiresKenda Wick Seven 27.5" x 2.2"
  • ChainShimano 7 Speed
  • Waterproof RatingIPX4
  • Warranty — Frame1 yr.
  • Warranty — Components1 yr.
  • Warranty — Battery/Charger3 yrs.

Folks wanna know…

Can you lock the eBike?

The battery compartment housing the Power ShareTM batteries can be locked with the included key. However, it is recommended that you purchase an additional lock for the frame when you leave your bike out in public.​

Can the eBike run with only one battery?​

No, the eBike requires both Power ShareTM batteries to operate.​​

Can I use Power ShareTM batteries with different Ah levels?

The eBike is compatible with Power ShareTM batteries of either 5Ah or 8Ah. To maximize run time it is recommended to use two batteries of the same amp hour.​

Can you pedal the bike without battery power?

Yes, you can use the eBike like a standard pedal bike without the need for batteries or turning the motor on.​

What is throttle on demand?​

With a normal throttle, you need to pedal first before activating the throttle. With throttle on demand, full power is delivered without having to pedal first. ​

How much assembly is required?​

It comes 80% assembled. The front wheel and handlebars will need to be installed.

Can I ride on rainy days?​

Riding in the rain is not recommended for safety reasons. However, this eBike has an IPX4 rating, which means it can get wet. If the bike gets wet, wipe it dry.​