About Us

It's what drives us

Other companies build things. At WORX, we create.

After all, it’s all about The Idea. To do what’s never been done. Or taking what’s always been done and reimagining it being done better. Faster. Easier. More efficiently.

At WORX, we don’t seek out innovation; we let it drive us. Let’s see where it takes us.

It starts at the top

WORX employees easily find themselves motivated to innovate — it’s a message our President and CEO Tom Duncan has stood behind his entire career.

Tom has brought over a decade’s worth of international business experience and leadership to help create a tightknit team that’s efficient, collaborative and known for innovation and excellence.

Tom’s mantra: "Our company is winning not only because of our knowledge but because of our passion. It’s easy to work hard when you love what you’re doing. And I absolutely love what I’m doing."

More than words.
Words we live by.

With a passion for innovation, power and performance, we create tools that let our customers work quickly and easily, then get on with their lives.


While our objective might be simple — to create products that help people take care of their homes, yards and gardens — it certainly cannot be considered easy.

We take the accepted norm and reimagine it. Then we head to the drawing board to reinvent it. And then we move on to the next challenge and do it all over again. That’s why we’re recognized as a leader that’s advancing the industry. Just like we did with these products.


Its retractable blade makes this the safest chainsaw on the market.


2-in-1 drill & driver with rotating chucks lets you finish twice as fast.


All-purpose yard cart delivers maximum versatility with minimum effort.


A versatile worktable offers sturdy support wherever you need it.


TURBINE technology brings gas-like power with no harmful emissions.


This fully programmable robotic lawnmower uses Artificial Intelligence.


Our customer care program is the bedrock of the WORX mission. We believe handling our customer service program directly is one of the most critical elements of continually strengthening our brand.

WORX locally employs more than 50 highly trained customer service agents who handle nearly 500,000 transactions annually. During peak season, they’ll manage over 1,700 calls and almost 700 emails or live chats each day.

Busy? Heck yeah. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We believe it’s our duty to not only continue introducing WORX products that enable our customers to be environmentally responsible, but to also ensure that we as a company are operating that way as well.

That’s why we’re constantly improving our manufacturing processes to further reduce waste and manage our emissions. And you’ll keep seeing WORX products that protect our atmosphere, like battery-run or electric tools that provide the power and capabilities of gas-powered options.

We take pride in the recognition we’ve received, like the World Wildlife Fund’s Platinum award for Low Carbon Manufacturing and the LEEDS-NC Platinum distinction for our green building. It’s proof that we’re not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.


"The WORX’s front caster wheels make it the most agile of the mowers we tested, especially around flower beds, where maneuvering can be tight. It’s also the only mower of the group to have a durable metal deck as opposed to plastic."

"For sun-worshipping neat freaks, this rechargeable ‘power cleaner’ is a game changer. Using a special connector out next month, screw on a 2-liter bottle filled with fresh water, then pull the trigger to unleash a 59- to 320-psi spray."

"This versatile, 35-pound plastic stand changes from a sawhorse able to support 1,000 pounds into a worktable able to hold 300. Integrated pistol-grip bar clamps and bench dogs stand ready to hold your project securely during cutting, sanding, painting or assembly."

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