Hot New Deals on Worx Tools - Limited Time Offer at Lower Prices. Discover unbeatable deals on essential outdoor and home tools including string trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, nail guns, and stick vacuums.Hot New Deals on Worx Tools - Limited Time Offer at Lower Prices. Discover unbeatable deals on essential outdoor and home tools including string trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, nail guns, and stick vacuums.

Worx Lawn & Garden Tools

Getting yard care chores done in less time is a breeze with Worx garden and lawn care equipment. Designed with power, performance, maneuverability, and efficiency, Worx lawn and garden tools allow you to tackle all the work around your property like a landscaping pro.

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Shop Lawn Care Equipment at Worx

Grab your favorite beverage, settle into your favorite chair, and browse the lawn and garden categories of Worx products to find all the best tools and equipment you need to buy for your outdoor work. 

We’ve put together product photos, videos, customer reviews, FAQs, and technical specifications on every product page. Select what you want, place your order, and sit back knowing everything will quickly be delivered right to your doorstep. 

The Worx Commitment to Innovation

All Worx lawn and garden tools were created through a careful design process with the simple aim of creating better tools for DIYers. We start by examining a wide range of available tools in the market and identify everything that gets in the way of a superior user experience. Then, we solve each one of those pain points with better designs and innovative features. 

If you’re looking for pro-grade power and performance, shop the NITRO Lawn and Garden lineup for everything you need to dominate your outdoor work. You’ll also enjoy the following:

  • Gas-Like Power and Performance: The biggest barrier holding some homeowners back from going electric with cordless lawn and garden tools is the inaccurate perception they simply can’t match the power and performance of gas-powered tools. The Worx NITRO lineup was specifically designed through advanced engineering to match and even exceed gas-like power and performance.  
  • Compact, Lightweight Designs: NITRO lawn and garden tools are smaller and weigh less while still offering more power with higher performance. This means less fatigue during use so you can work comfortably for longer periods, all while enjoying increased maneuverability and easier portability.
  • Ergonomics Matter: Ergonomic designs are a big part of working smarter, not harder. The placement of power buttons and safety switches, as well as the design of a tool’s handle, have a huge impact on user comfort. Advanced ergonomics mean getting more done due to reduced fatigue. 

The Convenience of Cordless Lawn and Garden Tools

If you currently own or have ever used gas-powered lawn and garden tools, you know how noisy and polluting they are, plus you’ve got to deal with gasoline or gas/oil mixes depending on the piece of equipment. At Worx, we are all about tools and equipment that run on rechargeable batteries to eliminate the hassles of fuel-powered outdoor equipment. And if you don’t want to deal with the headache of extension cords, you’ll be pleased to know our focus has always been the on designing superior cordless tools and equipment that give you freedom of movement. If you’re looking for the convenience of cutting the cord, check out the following:

Worx also offers a selection of non-powered equipment and tools to make your outdoor work easier and more efficient than ever. Check out the lineup on the Yard Carts and Hand Tools pages of our website.

The Power Share Platform: Fewer Batteries and Chargers

If your garage or tool shed has a tangled mess of batteries and chargers for the different brands of lawn and garden tools you’ve purchased over the years, Worx has a better way. 

Our innovative solution is the Power Share platform. More than 100 different 20V, 40V, and 80V products are in the Power Share family. In short, the same batteries can be used across all Power Share tools and equipment. You’ll enjoy the convenience and flexibility of having fewer batteries and chargers in your collection, which also saves a good deal of money. Check out all the Worx batteries and chargers available to make your DIY life easier. 

Not Ready to Cut the Cord? Worx Has You Covered

Maybe you don’t mind extension cords and you know you’ll always have an electrical outlet close enough to where you need one for your lawn and garden chores. Maybe you just like the smooth power and performance of a corded tool and don’t want to worry about whether batteries are charged up or might run out of juice. Plenty of people don’t want or need to go cordless when they shop for lawn care equipment and Worx is happy to service these customers as well with the following corded offerings:

Worx Lawn and Garden Tools and Equipment

Shop lawn care equipment here on the Worx site to level up your DIY property care skills to get better results in less time. But don’t stop there. In addition to all lawn and garden tools, Worx offers a robust selection of Power Tools as well as Crafting Tools

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