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Worx Electric String Trimmers

If the trimming and edging you need to do is within reach of an electrical outlet, nothing beats the smooth performance and innovative features of a Worx electric string trimmer. For smaller yards, this is the perfect solution that gives you the best of everything—no keeping track of batteries and chargers, and none of the muss and fuss of a gas-powered trimmer. This is what we call working smarter, not harder. 

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Is a Corded Electric String Trimmer Right for You?

String trimmers are a mainstay of homeowner DIY lawn care and maintenance. Whacking weeds down, trimming down grass in unwanted areas, creating clean edges around your yard, shrubs, flower beds, and garden beds—all these tasks can be accomplished with the right string trimmer. But what kind of string trimmer should you buy? The broad categories of string trimmers you must choose between include a corded electric trimmer, a battery-powered cordless trimmer, or a gas-powered trimmer. Here are the pros and cons of each:

  • Electric String Trimmer with Cord: The ideal situation for an electric corded string trimmer is when you have a small yard and all the trimming, edging, or trenching you need to do is within reach of an outdoor electrical outlet with use of an extension cord to reach the outer limits of your work area. You never have to worry about running out of power before the job is done as you do with a battery-operated cordless trimmer or keeping track of battery charging, and you avoid all the noise and pollution of a gas-powered trimmer, as well as the fire hazard of storing gasoline near your home. 
  • Cordless Battery-Powered String Trimmer: With a battery-powered string trimmer, you’re freed up to take your string trimmer wherever you want without worrying about having an electrical outlet nearby, dealing with extension cords, or trying to work around a cord while trimming, edging, or trenching. Just make sure your batteries are fully charged, and have an extra battery or two on deck to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Gas-Powered String Trimmer: In the age of electric tools, whether corded or cordless, gas-powered string trimmers are falling out of favor with most homeowners. They’re noisy and produce a lot of harmful pollution that lowers air quality and contributes to global warming and climate change. You also must make sure you have gas on-hand when needed and storing gasoline in or around your home or garage is a fire hazard. From our perspective, there are only downsides to gas-powered string trimmers. 

Whether a corded electric string trimmer or a battery-operated cordless string trimmer is right for you, Worx has you covered with the perfect solution you need.

The Worx 6 Amp Electric 15-Inch String Trimmer and Edger

Trimming grass, cutting down weeds, and creating clean edges has never been easier if you have the Worx 6 Amp Electric 15" String Trimmer & Edger (WG124).  This corded string trimmer model has robust two-in-one trimming and edging capability. Switching from trimmer mode to wheeled edger mode is as quick and easy as pulling and rotating the handle. Grasp the handle and the part of the tool where the shaft meets the cutting head. Pull the handle away from the cutting head and twist clockwise. Release, and you’re all set. Perform the same action to return to trimmer mode, except twist in a counterclockwise direction.

With multiple points of adjustment, you don’t have to contort your body to fit the tool. Instead, you make the tool fit your height and posture with the following features:

  • Adjustable auxiliary handle: To adjust the angle of the auxiliary handle, pull up the auxiliary handle locking lever. While holding the lever, rotate the angle of the auxiliary handle to the most comfortable and balanced position for you. Release the lever to lock the auxiliary handle into place.
  • Telescoping shaft: Unscrew the black locking collar on the trimmer shaft. Adjust the length of the telescoping shaft to the most comfortable length and tighten to secure.
  • Adjustable cutting head: Adjust the angle of the cutting head by placing the trimmer head on the ground and put your foot on the cutting head. Lift or lower the handle to your preferred angle while stabilizing the head on the ground. The trimmer will click through the positions. Find the perfect angle for you.

This model of string trimmer weighs only 6.38 pounds for less fatigue and easy maneuvering. It also features a dual auto-feed trimmer line system, which means you never have to bump the trimmer to feed additional line. Every time you turn the trimmer off, it automatically feeds a quarter inch of fresh line. If you need to manually feed the line, locate where the spools are on the machine. On the outside of the holder is a button beside the hole that the spool line comes out. Press the button to feed out fresh line.

The Worx 12 Amp Electric 7.5-Inch Lawn Edger and Trencher

If you have flower beds and garden beds, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain clean edges around them because of how quickly grass creeps its way into the beds. This is when you need a more serious approach to edging by performing trench cuts that create a clearer physical break between lawn and bed. Get a clean edge easy to maintain through mowing and trimming with the 12 Amp Electric 7.5" Lawn Edger/Trencher (WG896)

This Worx lawn edger and trencher model features a powerful 12 Amp motor to provide professional, clean edges and trench cuts. Three positions to adjust the blade depth gives you the versatility to edge your lawn where it meets a sidewalk, driveway, or patio, deeper edging around mailboxes, tree trunks, and fences, or performing trench cuts around flower beds and garden beds. A cutting line indicator keeps you on track for optimal precision and maintaining a straight line. The adjustable shaft means you can shorten or lengthen this tool to match your height and posture for an ergonomic fit to minimize fatigue while working.

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