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Whether you craft at a home shop, craft room, or on the go, you’ll love how the Worx lineup of crafting tools offers maximum flexibility and portability to level up your DIY skills.

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Go-Anywhere Creative Tools for DIY Crafting Mastery

Besides being the ultimate in lightweight crafting tools with optimal maneuverability and portability, Worx design innovations bring in multiple functionalities whenever possible, so you can get more out of fewer tools.

The Lineup: Worx MAKERX Crafting Tools

With any tool in the MAKERX lineup, you’ll be ready to tackle any DIY crafting project, anytime, anywhere:

20V MAKERX ZipSnip Mini Rotary Cutter (WX745L.9): This super-handy tool acts like electric scissors. Its ergonomic design allows for maximum user control and greater accuracy of cuts. Features include a self-sharpening blade that keeps its edge honed for efficient cutting, a lock-out switch to prevent unintentional starting, and a cut-line indicator to provide a clear reference point for following straight lines. It can cut through a variety of materials up to a quarter-inch thick, including cardboard, chipboard, corrugated plastic, clamshell or plastic packaging, landscape cloth, plastic sheeting, pond and shower liners, thick fabrics, metal and nylon screening, chicken wire, vinyl flooring, and carpet. How’s that for versatility? A two-pack of replacement blades is item WA7256.

20V MAKERX Wood & Metal Crafter (WX744L.9): Reaching its target heat in just 30 seconds, this tool can be used for either wood burning or metalworking (soldering). Unlike other similar tools, you can adjust the temperature directly on the tool for full control over heat. It comes with eight different woodburning tips and one soldering tip, along with a cradle stand to protect surfaces from burns when you need to put the tool down. When changing tips, make sure the tool is off and has been allowed to cool down before removing a tip. 

20V MAKERX Angle Grinder (WX741L.9): This versatile crafting tool features variable speed control with up to 24,000 RPMs for precise results in cutting, grinding, or sanding. Compatible with a variety of 2-inch blades with 3/8-inch arbors, as well as 1.5-inch blades with .25-inch butterfly-style arbors. The compact brushless motor gives more power with longer runtimes using less energy compared to regular motors. It comes with a 2” cutting wheel (3/8” arbor), 2” grinding wheel (3/8” arbor), 2” flap medium-grit sanding disc (3/8” arbor), and a .25” adapter for butterfly-style arbor. Check out our MAKERX accessories page for an array of other sanding wheels in different grits, as well as additional cutting wheels and grinding wheels. You can also purchase our MAKERX Angle Grinder Attachment Kit (WA7212) of 16 different wheels for a little bit of everything in a handy storage case. 

20V MAKERX Air Brush (WX742L.9): Precision paint application is a breeze with this air brush. Its easy-to-control dual function switch regulates both the airflow and paint volume using a single trigger to optimize user control and project flexibility. It comes with a dropper for adding liquid to the paint cup when needed, a spanner wrench for loosening the inner nozzle (rarely needed), and a cleaning brush for the outer nozzle and cover if it becomes clogged. This sprayer is designed for use with water-based paints. If you try other types of paint, make sure it’s thin enough to pass through the nozzle without clogging. When in doubt, experiment on a scrap piece to see if it will work.

MAKERX Food Safe Air Brush Nozzle (WA7250): This additional nozzle was designed to be food safe with edible colorings, often referred to as cake paint or food paint available at many craft and culinary stores. An ideal tool for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods. 

20V MAKERX Rotary Tool (WX739L.9): This incredibly versatile little tool features variable speed control up to 35,000 RPM for precise control over a huge array of crafting projects. The device is built a compact brushless motor to deliver more power and longer runtimes with less energy than regular motors. Its universal fit system accepts other brands of rotary tool bit accessories, but you’ll want to check out the MAKERX Rotary Tool 201pc Accessory Kit (WA7208) with an eye-popping 201 pieces packed neatly into a high-impact storage case for a range of tasks, including sanding, engraving, polishing, drilling, grinding, cutting, and more. Includes an extra 1/8” and 3/16” collet to accommodate the most popular bit shanks. 

20V MAKERX Hot Glue Gun (WX746L.9): No crafter should be without a good hot glue gun, and this one takes the most common size of glue stick found in craft and hobby stores everywhere (.28 inches or 7mm). The gun heats up quickly but does have an LET temperature indicator so you know when it’s ready. The narrow nozzle (.05” or 1.2mm wide) allows for more precise application of glue. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes for safety and to conserve energy.  

20V MAKERX Mini Heat Gun (WX743L.9): Provides a constant flow of hot 500ºF air through a precision nozzle that controls the location and direction of heat. Features a built-in stand to hold the hot tip of the mini heat gun away from surfaces.

20V MAKERX Portable Mini Blower (WX747L.9): This tiny little blower packs a powerful punch compared to other mini blowers to keep your workspace clean. Easily adjust the blowing speed to make short work of clearing away sawdust, paint chips, and other debris from workspaces or from small crevices—such as keyboards. The compact brushless motor gives more power with longer runtimes while using less energy than regular motors.

USB LED Flex Light (WA7231): When you need superior illumination for the finer details of a craft project, this LED flex light gets it done like no other. Its 18 individual high-output LED lights brightly illuminate the surrounding area and have three settings to provide the level of lighting you need at 22, 33, or 54 lumens. Portable versatility comes by being able to plug it into any USB Type-A charging port (5V 80MA min), but it also works with the MAKERX HubX (WA7151) and the Worx 20V Charging Adapter (WA3769)..

Connecting MAKERX Tools to Worx 20V Power Share Batteries

If you’re already familiar with the Worx Power Share battery platform, you’ll be glad to find out our MAKERX Crafting Tools can all be powered by a 20V Power Share battery. This system lets you use the same battery across a vast array of lawn, garden, and power tools from the Power Share line. All you need to make it happen is the MAKERX Hub. The Hub (WA7150) attaches to any Worx 20V battery to draw power and has a 4-foot flexible cord that runs from the Hub and plugs into your MAKERX crafting tools. 

A second model of the Hub (WA7151) adds two additional features: A USB port so you can charge your electronic devices while you work, as well as a belt clip to attach the Hub and battery for even greater convenience and flexibility. Both models feature a large, sealed, lighted power button for quick on/off control, as well as a control switch for accurate variable multi-tool speed control. Armed with the Hub, you’ll be ready to unleash your crafting skills wherever you go. 

Tools Made Better to Get More Done

Our MAKERX crafting tools follow the same innovative design philosophy you find with all Worx tools: Eliminating common obstacles to do more in less time, and do it like a pro. Whether it’s our collection of lawn and garden tools or our huge selection of power tools, you know you’re getting equipment made with your needs in mind. Many of our products come in both cordless models using the

and electric corded models if you don’t need your tools on-the-go. Either way, shopping for all your Worx tools right here on the website makes it easy to order them up for convenient home delivery. 

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