The full line of WORX work support solutions make projects easier by supporting heavy loads and clamping materials in place.

WORX Power Tools Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse WX051WORX Power Tools Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse WX051

All the Work Support Products You Need

You can always expect fantastic tools from Worx that help you get more done in less time with better results. Bu it can take more than just the tools to do the job, which is what our selection of work support products is all about.

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The Pegasus

When you need a versatile way to support a workpiece, the Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse (WX051) simply can’t be beat. This innovative design serves as both a sawhorse and a table depending on what you need. Keep the table flaps up for a solid working surface or fold the flaps down to convert it into a sawhorse for stable cutting. 

As with all Worx products, the Pegasus is designed to be lightweight (only 30 pounds) and durable (made of molded ABS plastic with steel supports and fittings). The way it folds up also makes it very portable when you’re on the go and saves space when stored away. It also comes with several different clamps to hold workpieces securely in place, including two bar clamps and four clamp dogs (max clamping force of 300 pounds). The Pegasus provides a max load capacity of 1,000 pounds in sawhorse mode and 300 pounds in table mode. The Pegasus comes with a 6-year warranty. 

More Sawhorses, Tables, and Clamps

Support your workpieces and hold them firmly in place with these Worx products:

Clamping Sawhorses with Bar Clamps (WX065): This pair of sawhorses features a built-in clamping system to securely hold workpieces in horizontal or vertical positions. They are lightweight (8 pounds each) yet durable (molded ABS plastic) and fold for easy transport and storage. They also feature a built-in shelf and hooks for storing tools, cords, and other materials. The max load capacity per pair is 1,000 pounds. Each clamp provides up to 300 pounds of clamping force and a max clamping width of 18 inches. These clamping sawhorses come with a 3-year warranty and have the same working height as the Pegasus (32 inches) so you can use them together. 

Sidekick Portable Work Table (WX066): This collapsible table is the ultimate in portability, while strong enough to support as much as 300 pounds. The metal legs are designed to not slip on hard surfaces or sink into soft ground. Weighing in at only 12.6 pounds, taking this handy table with you is a breeze. Constructed of durable molded ABS plastic with steel legs and fittings, this work table is built to last and comes with a 3-year warranty.

4pc Clamp Dog set (WA0091): You can never have enough clamps on hand for all your DIY projects, so load up on more with this set of four Clamp Dogs. Unlike traditional clamps, these dogs are perfect for holding materials for crafting and painting because they don’t extend over the top edge of the workpiece. These are compatible for use with both the Pegasus ( WX051) and the Sidekick ( WX066).

Let There Be Light!

We think you’ll find the following products rather illuminating in all the right ways:

20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight (WX027L.9): Toggle through four different LED functions with the simple press of a switch. Modes include flashlight, 360º lantern, desk lamp with high and low settings, and an emergency light. The flashlight’s telescoping design makes it more compact for storage and transport. Powered by any fully charged Worx 20V Power Share battery, the multi-function LED flashlight offers a run time of 5 to 13 hours, depending on the lighting mode being used. 

20V Power Share Flexible LED Light (WX028L.9): 100 glorious LED lumens of brightness, fully directable with the flexible shaft and 360º of rotation. On a fully charged battery, this light will shine for 15 hours. 

USB LED Flex Light (WA7231): The 18 individual high-output LED lights brightly illuminate your crafting or work area with three settings providing 22, 33, or 54 lumens. Portable versatility comes by being able to plug it into any USB type-A charging port (5V 80MA min), as well as the MAKERX HubX (WA7151) and the Worx 20V Charging Adapter (WA3769).

Keeping It Clean

We’re not talking about your language, we’re talking about your workspace! 

20V Power Share Cordless Cube Vac Compact Vacuum (WX030L): This compact vacuum easily goes from your house to your car and anywhere in between with on-board accessory storage, 4-foot flexible hose, and one-touch debris container. On a fully charged 20V Power Share battery, it will run 10 minutes at high speed and 25 minutes at lower speeds.

Worx NITRO 20V 2 Gal Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum (WX031L): Make short work of cleaning up wet or dry messes with 16 kPa suction power. Equipped with an ultra-efficient brushless motor for longer runtimes and a 2-gallon tank capacity to take on larger spills. With a 6.5-foot extendable hose, shoulder strap, and easy conversion to a blower, this vac is lightweight (6.8 pounds) and very portable.

20V Power Share Cordless Shop Blower (WX094L): With 160 MPH air speed and three speed settings, this blower quickly clears debris from your workshop, garage, sawhorses, and tools. Makes clean-up easy and with less fatigue, as it weighs only 2.21 pounds.

Keeping it Organized at Home and On the Go

Few things are more frustrating than not being able to find what you need, when you need it. 

Large Zippered Tool Tote with Interior and Exterior Pockets (WA0079): Constructed of durable nylon with a zippered closure, twin handles, and all kinds of pockets, this tool tote is great for at-home storage as well as taking your supplies with you wherever you go. This large bag’s dimensions are 21x13x12 inches.

Zippered Tool Bag with Interior and Exterior Pockets (WA0076): Durable nylon construction, zippered closure, twin carry handles, plastic feet for added stability, and tons of pockets inside and out. This smaller tote measures 14.6x9x8.75 inches. 

18" Wall Mount Tool Holder Kit (WA0139): Each kit includes 2 tool holders and 4 screws to mount hooks wherever you wish to store your tools. For heavier items, be sure to anchor the hooks to studs. 

Storage Step Stool (WA4214): This 13-inch step stool made of durable nylon resin has a handle, a deep storage area with metal lock, and a pull-out drawer for accessory storage. Load it with up to 28 pounds of tools.

Keeping Your Cool

Whether you’re working in your home workshop or  you’re on the go, you’ll be glad to have the Nitro 20V Power Share Cordless 9" Work Fan (WX095L) when things start heating up. While compact and lightweight at only 5 pounds, this fan produces the cooling breezes you need to keep yourself from getting too hot under the collar. Two speeds offer 310 CFM or 450 CFM of airflow. It can also be charged while running. Use the 360° pivoting head to direct air where you need it most. For easy positioning, sit the fan on the floor or a table, mount it to a wall, or hang it from a hook. 

Everything You Need for Getting Hard Work Done Faster

Whether it’s work support products, lawn and garden tools, power tools, or crafting tools, Worx has your back. We make equipment that works harder so you can get more done in less time with better results. And isn’t that every DIYer’s dream? Engineered with advanced technologies, use-friendly features, fatigue-fighting lightweight designs, and a Power Share battery platform to power all the cordless models of our tools. 

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