woman using angle grinder to shine rusty chairwoman using angle grinder to shine rusty chair

Meet the makerx-perts

There are so many types of makers, and they all have their favorite tools for each project. From woodworking to wire splicing, painting to paper crafting, there’s a right way (and often an easier way) to do it, and it all comes down to using the right tool for the task.

The Crafty lumberjacks

Andrew Boza & Dennis Setteducati

The Crafty Lumberjacks (aka Andrew Boza and Dennis Setteducati) are flannel-loving bloggers and experts in all-things DIY-especially holiday decor! They’ve appeared on GMA, LIVE with Kelly & Ryan, The Chew, The Rachael Ray Show, The Drew Barrymore Show and can be seen regularly on the HGTV Handmade YouTube channel getting crafty with their cat, Teddy Krueger.

Favorite makerx projects

Galaxy Pumpkin

Create an out of this world galaxy pumpkin using a few supplies and your MAKERX Airbrush!

Wood Burned Beard Brush

Wood burn a personalized beard brush for the bearded one you love. This gift will be sure to put a smile on that hairy face.

Vintage Christmas Crate

Create a one of a kind Christmas tree lot crate out of an ordinary wooden box. Use the MAKERX tools to destress and add a vintage festive look.

Air Brush
What We Love About It:
  • Easy to use
  • Always has an impressive outcome
  • Great for adding detailed work that cannot be achieved with a paint brush
  • Can be used on many different surfaces

Tips & Tricks

Airbrushing for Beginners

This crafting tool will take your project to the next level with its micro-ergonomic design which will give you complete control of the airbrush and your project.

How to Use the Jack of All Trades

This crafting tool will elevate your creativity with its micro-ergonomic design which will give you complete comfort and control while you create your next project.

How TO Elevate Your DIY Crafting Projects

This crafting tooI is perfect for metal and wood crafters no matter the experience level! From stained glass to wood burning to mosaics, this crafty tool will elevate your wood and metal DIY projects.

The Stay at Home Carpenter

Vanessa Schmitz

As a hairstylist during the 2020 shutdown, Vanessa began making jewelry with her daughters as a way to keep her creativity flowing (and her girls entertained). Since then, she has been able to dedicate even more time to her ever growing DIY obsession. Crafting with her kids brings her so much joy and she loves to share that creative energy with her followers and friends.

Favorite makerx projects

Wood & Resin Coasters

Make beautiful, unique coasters with the heat gun and rotary tool.

Easter Egg Piñata

Making these Colorful Easter Egg Piñatas with your family is a SMASH!

Airbrush doormat

Make that first impression memorable with this Custom Airbrush Doormat.

Rotary Tool
What I Love About It:
  • Small size accommodates detailed projects with ease.
  • Incredibly versatile and can be used for so many things from buffing clay earrings to sanding off excess resin to drilling holes in wooden ornaments.
  • Convenient, portable system allows you to take your crafting anywhere!