Universal Wall Mount (Discontinued)

3 Year Warranty
30 Day Guarantee

  • Please check out the new model: Wall Mount Tool Holder
  • Easy to mount - simply screws into any surface where you would like to store your tools.
  • Holds your WORX GT, TRIVAC, AIR, JawSaw & more.
  • Perfect for keeping your garage organized and your tools easy to find.
  • Each mount is designed to fit flush against one another for space-saving storage.
Max Weight
20 lbs. (Drywall)
(1) - Universal Wall Mount
(4) - Wood Screws
No, your wall mount does not need to be mounted directly into drywall studs. We recommend using standard drywall anchors when hanging your wall mount with the included screws. Your wall mount will support weights up to 20 lbs when mounted into drywall.
Any WORX lawn and garden tools with a looped handle will be compatible with your wall mount. Please reference below for a list of current tools that are compatible with the wall mount. Note: There are a number of discontinued WORX tools not found on this list that will also be compatible with your wall mount.
WG116, WG119, WG153, WG154, WG160.3, WG160.9, WG163, WG163.9, WG175.1, WG896
WG500.2, WG506, WG507, WG509, WG510, WG516, WG517, WG518, WG520, WG545.1, WG545.9, WG546, WG546.2, WG546.9, WG575.1, WG591
WG209, WG212, WG255.1, WG255.9, WG268, WG275, WG291, WG291.9

WG303.1, WG304.1, WG305, WG305.1 WG307, WG309, WG310, WG320, WG320.9