20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight

20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight

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  • Worx 20V Multi-function LED light has a telescoping design for compact storage, and the ability to adapt to multiple working conditions.
  • 4 functions in 1 light; flashlight, 360 degree lantern, desk lamp with Hi and Lo settings, and an emergency light.
  • Toggle through functions by pressing the switch.
  • Turn the light off by pressing and holding the switch while in any mode.
  • Left and right pivoting head adjusts for best angle of illumination.
  • A carry lanyard and hook are attached.
  • Light is rated for 50,000 hours of burn time and is not replaceable.
  • Includes 1 1.5Ah battery and 5 hour charger.
  • Same Battery, Expandable Power. The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share™ family.


flashlight featuring: pivoting head, function switch button, part of the power share platform, hanging lanyardflashlight featuring: pivoting head, function switch button, part of the power share platform, hanging lanyard


person using the flashlight on a worksite looking at blue printsperson using the flashlight on a worksite looking at blue prints

The head pivots left and right so you can find just the right angle of illumination.

close up of the attached power share batteryclose up of the attached power share battery

The 20V Max Lithium battery is rechargeable and shareable with every tool in the WORX Power Share family.

man holding the flahslight to look at the power gridman holding the flahslight to look at the power grid

An ultra-bright flashlight, an even brighter lantern, a desk lamp, and an emergency strobe light.

WORX Power Share Battery, Blower, Lawn Mower, Portable Power Cleaner, Hedge Trimmer and Clippers and Power ToolsWORX Power Share Battery, Blower, Lawn Mower, Portable Power Cleaner, Hedge Trimmer and Clippers and Power Tools
Power Share™

Same Battery, Expandable Power

The only system that powers 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V products with the same batteries.

Rated Voltage
Flashlight Lumens
Lantern Lumens
Desk Lamp Lumens
Pivoting Head
-72° TO +72°
Machine Weight
1.72 lbs.
(1) - 20V LED Work Light
(1) - 20V MAX Battery
(1) - 20V Battery Charger

Yes, this model comes with 1 battery and 1 charger.

With the battery installed, the flashlight is only slightly more than 1.5lbs. Such a lightweight and compact design makes it the perfect light to take anywhere or to keep on hand for household tasks requiring a little extra light or for those unexpected emergencies.

The flashlight is 9-3/4” tall when fully collapsed, and 14-3/4” tall when fully extended. The battery connection base is 4” long and 2-1/2” wide.

The Multi-Function LED Flashlight is a traditional flashlight, 360° lantern, a desk lamp with high and low intensity, and an emergency strobe light.

The traditional flashlight feature is everything you expect – a brilliant, bright light in a super lightweight package.

To turn your flashlight into a 360° lantern, pull up the head of the flashlight to extend the telescopic shaft.

Convert your lantern into a desk lamp by angling the pivoting head to aim the beam where you need it. With a range of 0-140° to find just the right angle and high and low light intensity settings, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for any task.

Each of the functions are available with one button. Turn on the flashlight with the power button and press it until you reach the light mode/intensity you prefer for the application. You can turn off the flashlight by toggling through all the functions until it turns off, or you can press and hold the power button until it turns off.

Runtime can vary depending on several factors, including the application and age of the battery. Typically, a fully charged 20V 1.5Ah battery included with the flashlight will last up to:

12 hours in Flashlight mode

6 hours in Lantern mode

5 hours in Desk Lamp (High intensity) mode

13 hours in Desk Lamp (Low intensity) mode

9 hours in SOS Beacon mode

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the included battery with the included charger.

Faster charging options and higher capacity batteries are available.

Yes! With Power Share, you can share the battery and save money. Your Multi-Function LED Flashlight can use any Worx 20V battery you already have. By sharing the battery between tools, you’ll always have the power you need to complete any job.

Check out our complete line of 20V Power Share tools.

Need more power? We have higher capacity 20V batteries.

While Power Share allows you to share batteries between tools within the same voltage family, batteries should only be used with tools of a corresponding voltage. Use your 20V MAX Lithium battery with any 20V WORX tool – even the garden tools – but save your 32V battery for your 32V tools and your 40V battery for your 40V tools.

Yes! Just attach a fully charged battery, and you’re ready to go.

Carefully review the owner’s manual for all safety information and guidelines. Follow safety precautions while using any power tools – including wearing safety eyewear, gloves, appropriate shoes & clothing, and keeping hair tied back. See the owner’s manual for complete safety instructions and details.

NOTE: The Flashlight is designed to stand up with the battery as the base. Be sure the surface is dry before standing your Flashlight on it since the battery will stand on the vents and while the battery is weather-resistant, it is not water- or weatherproof.

Need an higher capacity battery or a faster charger? Many replacement parts are available online under Accessories.

Given the unique configuration, the bulb isn’t replaceable, but with 50,000 hours of burn time, it’s unlikely you’ll need to replace the bulb for a long time.

California Proposition 65 Warning 

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede exponerle a químicos incluyendo lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), que son conocidos por el Estado de California como causantes de cáncer y defectos de nacimiento u otros daños reproductivos. Para mayor información, visite www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

AVERTISSEMENT: Ce produit peut vous exposer à des agents chimiques, y compris lead and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), identifiés par l'État de Californie comme pouvant causer le cancer et des malformations congénitales ou autres effets nocifs sur la reproduction.  Pour de plus amples informations, prière de consulter www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.