"Outstanding power-to-weight ratio"

– Popular Mechanics


"This is the best blower I've ever owned and I own quite a few."



Keep your yard free of debris by choosing from the WORX selection of the best leaf blowers and mulchers. When leaves pile up and other stray items litter your landscape, you can literally blow it away and bag it up.

Our arsenal of yard tools extends to fit any DIY project. Whether it’s a commercial lot or a residential space, you’ll be able to clear your yard in no time. We have several leaf blower options to make it convenient for everyone. Choose from our Cordless Leaf BlowersElectric Leaf Blowers & Mulchers, and Blowers & Mulchers Accessories.

With our cordless leaf blower options, you don’t have to worry about tripping over cords or being limited to space. You can use your leaf blower or mulcher freely about the yard as well as your workshop or garage. Don’t waste time constantly sweeping out debris, when cleanup can be performed more effectively with one of our hand-held or backpack leaf blowers.

Many of our machines weigh 4 lbs. or less and give you ample time to power through a job with ease and efficiency. Our battery-powered and electric leaf blowers make it easier to navigate around stationary items, so you don’t have to bend and lift heavy boxes and equipment, or become blocked by immovable things. Arduous chores become a cinch with a cordless leaf blower or mulcher.

Better yet, these yard tools aren’t only limited to taming your yard. They can be used for swift cleaning of your shed, garage, or cleaning up empty pools. Our popular 20V GT RevolutionTrimmer & Blower Combo Kit is a favorite for miscellaneous home improvement tasks due to its 8 included attachments and bonus deflator used to deflate mattresses, pool toys, and rafts. It also features a string trimmer that converts to a wheeled edger within seconds. When you have tools this efficient at your disposal, it can change the way you approach your DIY projects for the better.

Another popular choice for homeowners is the 13 AMP Electric Leaf Mulcher, which has a design ideal for compact storage. Rather than cluttering your shed or garage with another piece of equipment, the mulcher folds down and can be hidden away when not in use. With this tool, the mulching process is made simpler. Simply drop chopped debris and leaves directly into an attached bag for easy disposal or composting.

WORX tools continue to top “best of” lists due to the usability and affordability our products offer. For example, Men’s Journal highlighted our WORX AIR Cordless Blower due to this cordless leaf blower's ability to “clean where gas-powered model can’t, like inside the garage.”

Our customers know they can count on our quality lawn and garden tools with features designed specifically for DIY projects. We want people who purchase WORX products to feel comfortable with their use and continue to add our tools to their collection.