Website Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I checkout? My page is empty.

  1. Try refreshing your browser
  2. Check your internet connection


How do I qualify for free shipping on my order?

  1. If your order is over $99 after discounts and before taxes, your order will qualify for free standard shipping. Please keep in mind that there are some exceptions like the Free Spools for Life that are excluded from free shipping. The free shipping promotion is currently offered to US customers only.
  2. Ensure that standard shipping is selected.


Why can't I select a shipping method?

Ensure that you have filled out your full shipping address to generate a shipping method.


Why can't I order more than one pack of WA0010?

Our spools are biodegradable, and we do not recommend ordering more than one pack. You may choose to pick up more lines at your local hardware store and wind your own lines.


Can I ship to Canada?

To Order in Canada, place your order here:


How can I use a payment plan?

We have partnered up with Affirm for payment plan options. Please see here for more details: You will need to first place the items in your cart and then make an Affirm account. Once your account has been approved, you may check out and make payments on


Why is my discount code not working?

Please ensure that it is typed in correctly. For example, "HIXXXXXX", the I is a capital i and not a 1.

Ensure that the code is still valid and if there is any exclusion. If the item is excluded from the promotion, the code will come up as invalid.


How do I delete an item or update the quantity from my shopping cart?

To delete an item from your shopping cart, you will need to click on the shopping cart at the top right corner of the website. A drop-down box will show up and you may select "Remove" next to the item you want to delete. It may refresh the webpage each time you delete an item. At this time, the item should no longer be in your cart. If you are at the checkout page, there is a "Trash bin" icon that you can select to remove the item. If you want to change the quantity of an item, you may enter the new amount in the box next to the price then select "Update Shopping Cart" under the items in your cart.


How can I get an update on when an item will come back in stock?

You may add your email to get a notification email when the item comes back in stock.


How do I use Amazon Pay or PayPal?

You can use Amazon Pay or Paypal at the checkout screen. To get to it, you will need to select your shopping cart icon and select "Review and checkout." Fill out your shipping information at the checkout step 1 page. Once a shipping method has been selected at the bottom of the page, hit Next to proceed to a payment method. In step 2, you can select whether you want to use PayPal, a credit card, or Amazon Pay. Once you select PayPal or Amazon Pay, you will get a pop-up screen to log into your account to use whichever service you like. Once you sign in, you may then complete your order.


My billing and shipping address are not the same. How can I change this?

When you are at the checkout, please fill out the shipping address to where you want the order to be sent to. Once you get to the "Review and Payments" selection, under the credit card tab, you can uncheck the "My billing and shipping address are the same." Once unchecked, you may provide the correct billing address. Then select "Update" to update the billing address.


How do I compare tools?

On the search results page, hover over the first tool until you see a "Compare" option. Click on "Compare" and look up your second model. Once you find it in the search, do the same thing. You will see that both models were added in the comparison bar at the bottom of the page. Once you are ready to compare them, select "Compare Items" inside the bar.


Where do I find my registered tools?

If you have a registration account, you will need to log in here: Please note that your registration account is separate from your purchasing account. If you have not created an account, please create one near the bottom of this page by selecting "Send Verification Email and Create Account."


How do I update my card payment information?

To update your card information on an existing order, please call 800-372-3915 or 855-694-2395 during our operating hours and an agent will be happy to assist you.


How do I update my address or phone number?

Once you are logged into your account, click on "Hi, (Name)" and you will see a drop-down box of "My Order," click on "My Orders." This leads you to your order history. On the left side you will see "Addresses." Select "Addresses" and update your information there.


What happens if I forgot to use my discount code?

If you forgot to include your discount code in your new order, please contact us and an agent will be happy to assist you.

Please be prepared to provide the discount code and order number for validation.