Worx 2024 Father’s Day Sales. Free accessories with Landroid selected model purchase. $20 off on GT Revolution string trimmer selected model. Deal ends 6.16.Worx 2024 Father’s Day Sales. Free accessories with Landroid selected model purchase. $20 off on GT Revolution string trimmer selected model. Deal ends 6.16.

Cordless Sanders & Sanding Tools

Any homeowner can attest to how often sanding tools come in handy for minor and major home improvement projects, including DIY woodworking. Worx is proud to offer several sanding tools every homeowner or DIYer will appreciate having in their tool collection.

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Make Rough Surfaces Smooth Like a Pro

There are tons of power sanding tools, but many are serious and costly pieces of equipment that only professionals would own or homeowners might rent on occasion—such as a floor sander. 

Worx sanding tools are geared toward smaller projects around the house or for DIY woodworkers who build furniture and other items. They were designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring they’re lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to use. 

Multi-Function Sanding Tools

If you start buying separate sanding tools for specific tasks, you could easily find yourself saddled with way more tools than you really need regularly. At Worx, we’re always looking for ways to get more work done with fewer tools. Our 20v Power Share Sandeck 5-in-1 Cordless Multi-Sander (WX820L) is a great start when you need an all-around sanding tool that you can use in several different ways. 

The innovative design of this particular sanding tool gives five sanding functions in one sleek piece of equipment. Plate attachments can be swapped out depending on the task at hand. The Max Mode Technology transmission automatically detects which plate is attached and delivers the appropriate power and movement for that plate’s particular sanding function.

  • Detail Sanding Plate: Also known as a “mouse” or corner sander, this triangular-shaped plate is ideal for moldings and flat surfaces.
  • Finishing Sanding Plate: Uses orbital movement for smoothing or polishing rough wooden surfaces.
  • Random Orbit Sanding Plate: Ensure no swirl patterns are left behind.
  • Contour Sanding Plate: Shaped to easily sand concave and convex surfaces.
  • Finger Sanding Plate: Perfect for sanding in tight or narrow spaces.

Each plate is held in place with Hyperlock technology, which delivers a full ton of clamping pressure to ensure all the friction is directed to the surface of the workpiece and away from the body of the tool. This Hyperlock clamping system allows for easy changes between sanding plates without the use of any tools, while the plates accept standard hook-and-loop sandpapers. There is also a speed selector dial to choose between five different speeds ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 movements per minute. 

This versatile tool weighs in at only 4.4 pounds, has a full handle for better grip (as opposed to other models that just have a rounded top), a dust bag, and is part of the Power Share lineup of tools that can all be powered with the same rechargeable battery.

Additional Sanding Tools by Worx

While the Worx Sandeck Multi-Sander may be the only power sanding tool many homeowners will ever need, we also have several other options.

  • Detail Sander: Also called a “mouse” or corner sander, a detail sander is among the most helpful power sanding tools to have around the house. Its triangular shape means it can get into small or tight spaces that would remain out of reach of other sanding tools. Whether you’re dealing with corners, baseboards, or the many joints woodworkers might need to sand, a detail sander gets the job done in hard-to-reach places. The Worx 20V Power Share Cordless Detail Sander (WX822L) comes with an additional finger sanding attachment to get into harder-to-reach areas. With 12,000 orbits per minute, this is a very efficient sander. For better ergonomics, the tool has a full handle for better grip and less fatigue than other designs, and it weighs only 2.65 pounds. The hook-and-loop system keeps sandpaper firmly in place while allowing fast changes between sheets. The tool comes with three detail sanding sheets, three finger sanding sheets, a micro-fiber dust bag, and is part of the Power Share family of 75+ tools with interchangeable batteries and chargers.
  • Rotary Tool: The Worx MAKERX Cordless Rotary Tool (WX739L) comes in handy for extremely tight areas. Variable speed control of the compact brushless motor can rotate the head of the tool up to 35,000 RPM and is powered by the MAKERX Hub, which also powers the entire lineup of MAKERX crafting tools. 

A Word About Sandpaper Grit

The grit rating of sandpaper is what determines how much material it will remove. The key to understanding grit is the size and number of abrasive particles or grains. The higher number, the finer the grit (meaning more grains of a smaller size). The lower the number, the coarser the grit (fewer grains larger in size). Coarser grit removes more material. Finer grit removes less material. 

Extra course sandpapers have grit numbers ranging from 24 to 36, course sandpaper ranges from 40 to 50 grit, medium ranges from 60 to 100, fine ranges from 120 to 220, and extra-fine sandpapers range from 240 to 600. The highest grit sandpapers are for polishing.

Worx Power Tools: More Work in Less Time with Better Results

Whether you’re looking for lawn and garden tools, power tools, or crafting tools, turn to Worx when you want better tools to get more done with less effort while enjoying superior performance and results. Shopping for what you want doesn’t involve driving around to different stores. Shop from the comfort of home through the Worx website. Place your order by selecting all the items you want, make your purchase through our safe and secure checkout process, and sit back and relax while waiting for home delivery to your doorstep. 

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