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20V Power Share Ai Drill & Driver with 55PC Storage Box Kit

3 Year Warranty
30 Day Guarantee
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  • Automated BITLOCK™ tightens around the bit, 30% more holding force than hand-tightening chuck.
  • SAFEDRIVE stops driven screw flush with work surface, prevents damage to work and screw.
  • PULSE ASSIST prevents bit from slipping when drilling hard surfaces, or driving or removing soft or worn screws.
  • Helpful storage box including a Spirit level, Utility knife, 3 Allen wrenches, 18 1" Screwdriver bits, 10 2" Power driving bits, Magnetic bit holder, 5 Brad point drill bits, 5 HSS drill bits, Masonry drill bits, 3 Power nutdrivers.
  • Same Battery, Expandable Power. The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share™ family.
Rated Voltage
No-Load Speed
Max Torque
180 in-lbs.
Chuck Capacity
3/8 in.
Max Drilling Capacity
Steel: 3/8 in. | Wood: 1 in. 
2.9 lbs.
(1) - 20V AI Drill & Driver
(18) - 1" Screwdriver Bits
(10) - 2" Power Driving Bits
(1) - Magnetic Bit Holder
(5) - HSS Drill Bits
(4) - Masonry Drill Bits
(3) - Power Nut Drivers
(1) - Magnetic Interchangeable Screwdriver Handle
(1) - Utility Knife
(1) - Level
(3) - Allen Wrenches
(1) - Tool Box
(1) - 20V Battery (WA3525)
(1) - 5 hr. Charger (WA3742)

Yes, this model includes 1 battery.

The AI Drill lets you work smarter, not harder, especially at only about 3 pounds with the battery installed. Put your muscle where it counts, not in your drill.

The WORX Ai Drill takes your drill to the next level, making it easier for beginners to use and giving professionals an edge. Three features make the Ai Drill more than just your average drill. BitLock is an automated bit tightening that gives you the perfect chuck tension every time, with 30% more holding force than hand-tightening the chuck. SafeDrive stops driven screws flush with the work surface, preventing damage to the work and the screw. No more accidental stripping or over-sinking a screw. Pulse Assist adds bursts of force to help prevent slipping, which means that drilling into hard surfaces and driving or removing soft or worn screws is easier than ever before.

The Ai Drill is designed to make using a drill simple. The BitLock chuck opens and closes with a twist of the switch to make installing and removing bits much easier without the hassle of trying to tighten the chuck. Also, the bits are held 30% tighter than average with manual tightening to eliminate the tendency for the chuck to loosen and bits to fall out.

SafeDrive monitors the screw driving function. When the head of the screw is driven close to the work surface, the driver automatically stops and shifts into Pulse Assist mode for perfect screwdriving results every time without setting a clutch.

Pulse Assist mode is helpful when trying to start drilling slick surfaces, such as tile or metal, starting screws, and dealing with rusted or difficult to remove screws and nuts. The intermittent surging and slowing of Pulse Assist improves control over the speed of rotation and prevents the bit from spinning freely and causing damage, which prevents rounding and stripping of screws and removes already damaged screws easily and without further damage.

The Ai Drill can tackle any job a standard 20V drill can, only better. Pulse Assist not only prevents stripping screws, it can help remove damaged screws, and provide better control when starting screws or holes in hard, slick surfaces like tile or metal.

The BitLock chuck tightens 30% more on average than manual tightening to help prevent bits from slipping, and since BitLock can be operated with one hand, the other hand is free to hold the workpiece.

SafeDrive eliminates the need to set a clutch, which eliminates the time-consuming trial and error setting for a mechanical clutch. SafeDrive also works great for installing drywall without needing a screw gun or other attachment.

This kit is the perect kit for beginners, and includes a variety of bits to handle a wide variety of jobs. Included are eighteen (18) 1" screwdriver bits, ten (10) 2" power driving bits, a magnetic bit holder, five (5) HSS drill bits, four (4) masonry drill bits, and three (3) power nut drivers. You will also receive a magnetic interchangeable screwdriver handle, utility knife, level, 3 allen wrenches and a toolbox to hold all of it.

The outer dimensions of the tool box are 18-1/4 in. long x 11 in. wide x 8 in. deep. The inner storage dimensions are 17 in. long x 8-3/4 in. wide x 6 in. deep.

The Ai Drill uses both hex shank and round shank drilling and driving bits up to 3/8 in. You can also find other bits available at home centers, hardware stores and anywhere that sells drill bits.

In wood, the maximum recommended hole size is 1 in. Avoid drilling holes larger than 3/8" in metal.

Torque is a measurement of turning power. The WORX Ai Drill has about 180 inch-pounds of torque letting it easily master most common drilling and driving applications around the house.

Ai Drill makes the best use of the familiar and innovation to make it easier and faster to use. Internally, the Ai Drill chuck is a typical, 3/8" 3-jaw chuck that can hold round or hex shank bits just like a standard drill driver. Externally, however, the design is different. The blue BitLock ring opens and closes the jaws of the chuck without the hassle of manually tightening. Turn the ring in direction of the symbols for lock and unlock to easily remove or securely install a bit.

The WORX Ai Drill has a clutch, but instead of a typical trial-and-error clutch, SafeDrive mode is an internal, automatic clutch. Simply begin by holding the trigger down constantly. The driver will detect when the screw is driven to the work surface and stop briefly. Release the trigger if you are happy with the screw depth. If not, hold the trigger and the driver will shift into Pulse Assist. The driver will continue to drive the screw deeper in small increments until the trigger is released.

The Ai Drill's rotations per minute (RPM) range from 0-800/min.

The Ai Drill's switch, or trigger, controls the speed of rotation. With the variable speed trigger, the rotation speed increases as the trigger is depressed more.

On the top of the drill body is a keypad showing a screw, drill and Pulse icons. Press the icon for the mode you wish to use. A blue light will indicate the active mode.

Run time depends on the type of work, the conditions under which work is being performed, and may even vary from user to user. The batteries can be charged and discharged for about 2,000 cycles.

The flashing LED light indicates the battery charge is getting low or the battery power is interrupted. There is a built-in overload protection that will stop the tool if the battery is suddenly put under too much strain. This feature protects the battery so it will perform a long time. On rare occasion, the Ai Drill will stop itself momentarily if the job application drains power too quickly. Simply release the trigger to reset the driver.

Yes! With Powershare, you can share the battery and save money. Your WORX Ai Drill can use any WORX 20V battery you already have. By sharing the battery between tools - even between power and garden tools and you'll always have the power you need to complete any job.

On rare occasions, the BitLock may get stuck between gears. Simply put the drill in either forward or reverse and pull the trigger briefly. This should allow the BitLock switch to work appropriately again.

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