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Hedge Trimmer Accessories

WORX models pair up nicely with accessories that let you accomplish even more. It’s part of what makes WORX power tools your path to getting more done in less time with better results. 

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Three WORX Lawn And Garden Cordless Power Tools

The WORX website, right here, is your gateway to all kinds of lawn and garden tools and equipment that empower homeowners and DIYers to tackle chores in record time with less fatigue. You’ll have the time and energy left to put into what matters most to you. Here are three handy cordless power tools you’ll want in your home collection:

  • 20V Power Share Cordless 4" Shear and 8" Shrubber Trimmer (WG801.9): Dual-action blades in this handheld cordless power tool make for quick, clean, easy, and professional trimming. The overmold soft-grip handle provides comfort and control for precision trimming with less fatigue. It includes a 4-inch grass shear blade and an 8-inch shrubbery blade, along with sheath guard protection for safe storage when not in use. 
  • 20V Power Share 5" Cordless Pruning Saw (WG324): This handheld tool is like a mini-chainsaw you can operate one-handed for pruning, trimming, delimbing, and bucking. A small tool stored onboard allows for quick chain tensioning. Other features include offset bar and chain for better sightlines, bar and chain retractability for enhanced under-cutting capabilities, and a guarded handle design for added safety. The chain pitch is ¼-inch, chain speed is 18.4 feet per second, and is a 0.043-inch gauge chain with 132 links.
  • 20V Power Share 8" Pole Saw w/ Auto Tension (WG349): With an 8-inch blade and 13-foot max reach, 3-position chainsaw head, 180° rotating rear handle for horizontal or vertical cutting, automatic tool-free chain-tensioning and chain-lubrication systems, tool-less adjustable and telescoping pole attachment, and an inline motor that makes for a surprisingly compact a lightweight design, this might just be the most effective pole saw you’ll ever buy.

Those Are the Tools, These Are the Accessories

Every homeowner appreciates a well-designed lawn and garden tool that helps them get through their yard work faster and with better results. You expect to get more out of your tools if you could, right? With WORX tools, you can.

Don’t forget all the Power Share batteries and chargers you’ll ever need. The same batteries and chargers can be used with 75+ WORX products, which means fewer battery and charger purchases to save you money.

Helping Homeowners Accomplish More DIY Task and Projects

When it’s time to replace old power tools and lawn and garden equipment, turn to WORX for better designs, innovative features, and tool accessories to help you get more done in less time with better results. Shop for what you want on the WORX website, right here, using your laptop, phone, or tablet (really, however you surf), and home delivery will be on the way. 

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