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Accessories for Worx Leaf Blowers and Mulchers

If you love your Worx leaf blower, then you’ll want to know how you could be getting even more out of it with our array of accessories, including one of our leaf blower gutter attachment sets.

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  1. WORX 26 Gallon Collapsible Leaf Bin - WA0030 26 Gallon Collapsible Leaf Bin
    26 Gallon Collapsible Leaf Bin
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Your Worx Leaf Blower, Tricked Out to Get More Done

When you were younger, did you love leveling up your stuff? Maybe you tricked out your skateboard, or school backpack, or your first car. As a homeowner, you might now be more  concerned with keeping up your home’s value, but you can still enjoy tricking out your tools to accomplish more. Take your Worx leaf blower, for example. It’s a simple tool you love because it makes life easier. But you could be doing way more than just blowing leaves with it. Get the right accessories and you could be using it to clean out your home’s gutters or convert it into a powerful vacuum to clean your home, garage, and vehicles.

Got A Worx Leaf Blower? Trick It Out With a Gutter Attachment Set

If you have (or want) a 20V Power Share LEAFJET Cordless Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor (Item: WG543), the LEAFJET Blower GutterPro Attachment (Item: WA4096) is your ticket to accomplishing another important homeowner task: clearing the gutters on your house from leaves and other debris. You can also use this leaf blower gutter attachment set with any leaf blower you have, as long as the diameter of the air tube opening doesn’t exceed five inches.

The leaf blower gutter attachment uses a series of connectible tubing sections that allow you to reach as high as 11 feet, all while maintaining a strong enough airflow to blast out leaves and debris. The end nozzle is hooked to seamlessly direct the airflow down into the gutter. With this kit, you get both the specific LEAFJET adapter, as well as a universal adapter to use this home-saving accessory set with other brands of leaf blowers that have a tube diameter of five inches or less.

Why bother with this kind of accessory? The answer is simple: Safety and convenience. You can clear your gutters safely from the ground. Why struggle to get up on the roof or use a ladder when you could blow everything out of your gutters with your feet solidly planted on terra firma? 

You may be wondering, however, what if you don’t have a Worx LEAFJET leaf blower? Fear not! You can still enjoy the extreme convenience of cleaning out your home’s gutters safely from the ground by getting yourself the GUTTERPRO Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit for Leaf Blowers (Item: WA4094). This kit gives you the same impressive 11-foot reach, but includes adapters to work on other Worx leaf blower models—including most Worx TRIVAC and TURBINE FUSION blowers. This means you may also be able to use this gutter-cleaning accessory with any number of non-Worx brands of leaf blowers. After all, we don’t want to hog all the glory (just most of it). Whether you have a cordless leaf blower or a corded electric leaf blower, it’s time to get even more out of your tool with the right accessories.

The gutter system of your home is designed to collect and divert rainwater away from the dwelling to avoid water damage to the foundation or water accumulation in your basement. These are issues that can greatly affect the value of your home over time, so making gutter cleaning easier, safer, and more convenient with a GUTTERPRO accessory for your leaf blower is no-brainer.

More Accessories for Worx Leaf Blowers and Mulchers

If you have one of the Worx leaf blower/sweeper AIR or TRIVAC models (WG545, WG565, or WG575), grab our 7-Piece Attachment Kit (Item: WA4091) for maximum flexibility when using it as a sweeper or a blower. From clearing spider webs to cleaning windowsills and from inflating toys to auto detailing, the sky's the limit on ways to use this kit. We even throw in a handy mesh carrying bag for easy storage.

Check out all the different Worx accessories and replacement items we offer on the leaf blowers and mulchers accessories page of our website, including batteries and chargers for your cordless tools.

Worx Lawn & Garden Tools and the Accessories to Get More Done

Worx has brought our unique, innovative designs to an incredible array of lawn and garden tools. Our philosophy is the same for each item: Reduce or eliminate all end-user pain points thatmke homeowner chores time-consuming and difficult. Getting more done in less time with less effort is our constant mantra, so you can have more time for what matters most—such as your favorite hobbies or hanging out with loved ones. When it’s time for a new string trimmer or edger, hedge trimmer, cordless lawn mower, power cleaner, wheelbarrow, chainsaw or pole saw, or robotic lawn mower, look no further than Worx.

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How to Buy Worx Cordless Leaf Blowers

The easiest way to get the Worx lawn and garden tools you want, including our cordless leaf blowers, is to find what you want right here on our website and place your order for home delivery. You can be the first to find out about the latest money-saving offers and special deals by signing up for our SMS text updates. Just text VIP to 28266 and enjoy the savings! If you prefer email, scroll down to sign up for the Worx Newsletter by entering your email address in the subscription box.

With great deals on even greater tools, there’s no time like the present to go cordless with a Worx battery-powered leaf blower. While you’re here, check out all the Worx Power Share lawn and garden tools. We’re sure you will find a tool for any task you need to accomplish around your home. You can count on Worx for your next string trimmer, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, lawn mower, leaf blower, wheelbarrow, power cleaner, and so much more.


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