Accessories for Worx Landroid Robot Mowers

Level up your Landroid to do even more with this selection of awesome accessories to enhance the performance and longevity of the best robotic lawn mower you’ll ever own.

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Get Your Time Back with the Help of a Robot

The good news is that we’re a long way from robots taking over the world. But the even better news is that you can get a robot that mows your lawn without you lifting a finger. This state-of-the-art solution is the Worx Landroid robot lawn mower that comes in six different models ( WR147, WR155, WR165, WR210 WR220, WR235) and it’s how you can spend no time mowing your lawn–so you can do more of what you love most. 

Can it mix drinks poolside for you? Unfortunately, no (at least not yet), but it can keep your lawn looking better than you ever thought possible without you doing the work. And it can do even better with the right accessories. 

Boost Your Signal with the Landroid Radio Link

The beauty of the Landroid robot lawn mower is its accompanying Landroid App, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet. Easily connect your Landroid to the app via Bluetooth or WiFi. Your Landroid performs best when it can maintain a constant connection to the cloud. However, depending on the size of your yard and your WiFi setup, that connection may be broken or easily outdistanced, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the artificial intelligence algorithm. Luckily, the Landroid Radio Link solves the connectivity issue.

The Radio Link accessory extends the WiFi link to Landroid by up to 0.62 miles or 3,280 feet—and can even transmit through walls and obstacles. This means that even when the Landroid is all the way at the back of a large yard, it will stay connected. This reliable connectivity is especially ensures you can take full advantage of the Landroid’s AI-driven auto-scheduling feature for simplified operation and optimized performance. And installing this accessory couldn’t be easier: Just connect the transmitter to your router and place the receiver directly on the Landroid. That’s it!

Protect Your Landroid with GPS Locator Technology

Why would you ever need a “Find My Landroid” accessory? The Landroid really can’t move itself outside the boundaries you set up with the boundary wire. So, it’s not because it’s prone to wander off and get into trouble. But you might still want to keep on an eye on the equipment’s location, because your Landroid will essentially live outside and be on display every time it’s mowing your lawn—and that could invite some serious cases of robot envy. If someone decides to steal your Landroid, this GPS accessory is how you’ll get it back.

This GPS unit stays constantly connected via cellular data. When you download the Landroid App to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll not only get real-time notifications and status updates about the work your Landroid is accomplishing in taking care of your yard, but you’ll also be alerted if it’s been removed from its mowing area. If this happens, you’ll be able to lock it remotely and track its location. Be safe, however, and contact the police if you think your Landroid was stolen and let the professionals recover your property using the information available through the app.

This accessory is very easy to install and comes with one year of included cellular service, which you can renew directly from the mobile app after expiration. 

Landroid Anti-Collision System

For a robot that doesn’t even have eyes, your Landroid is pretty smart in figuring out where it needs to go. This intuitive navigation is all thanks the boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn. But what happens if there are obstacles within the perimeter? Whether you have large, permanent obstacles in your yard—such as a swimming pool or trees—or miscellaneous objects any family might leave outside (lawn chairs, sports equipment, etc.), your Landroid needs a little help in “seeing” those sorts of things, which is exactly what the Landroid Anti-Collision System accessory is designed to do. 

This accessory uses ultrasonic detection to sense and navigate around obstacles that other robot lawn mowers would likely bump into. This detection and avoidance will prevent damage to both the Landroid and the obstacles themselves. This approach to obstacle avoidance also allows Landroid to better maintain your lawn without interrupting its algorithm. Installation is a snap because the device simply screws to the top of your Landroid and voila!

A Roof Over Your Landroid’s Head

We designed the Landroid to be both tough and durable for the long haul, but like other types of lawn equipment, it will last longer if it’s covered by a roof when not in use. The Landroid Garage provides an extra layer of protection against the elements like extreme heat, sunshine, heavy rain, or wind. Installation is a breeze because the garage just screws easily into the charge base. The roof is also hinged, so you can easily lift it and access the Landroid and the charging station’s machine panel when you need to.

Additional Accessories and Supplies for Your Landroid

The advantages of ditching your noisy, polluting gas-powered walk-behind mower for the quiet efficiency of a robot lawn mower really can’t be overstated. It’s an investment that pays real dividends in time and effort saved. In addition to the performance-boosting accessories listed above, you’ll also find a range of other supplies you may need, including the following:

  • Landroid Replacement Cutting Blades  This kit comes with 12 replacement blades and 12 screws to fasten them to the rotary cutting disc of your Landroid.
  • Landroid Charging Station Expansion Kit  An additional charging station can come in really handy if your lawn is split up into areas that aren’t connected in a way that Landroid can navigate. This kit comes with charging station, charger, 328-ft. boundary wire, 130 pegs, 8 nails, and a hex key. Once the extra charging station is set up, you just have to physically move the Landroid from one defined mowing area to the other and let it do its thing.
  • Landroid Off Limits Digital Fencing  Insert the off-limits module onto your Landroid, lay magnetic strips around non-permanent seasonal obstacles (lawn furniture, fire pits, etc.) and Landroid will steer clear of them (not compatible with all models).
  • Landroid Perimeter Expansion Kit  If you need to expand the mowing perimeter of your Landroid but don’t need another whole complete boundary wire system, this kit includes an extra 164 feet of boundary wire, plenty of impact-resistant nylon lawn stakes, and wire connectors to splice the new wire into your existing wire.

Why Choose Worx Robotic Mowers?

Worx has created an array of lawn mowers for homeowners to get through their yard mowing duties with less effort, including our cordless push lawn mowers and our Landroid robot lawn mowers. Our mowers do more than just cut grass; they produce fine clippings that deliver nutrients back down into the soil to feed your lawn as they work. What you’re getting with any one of these Worx lawn mowers is a smarter, quieter, cleaner, and greener way to a better-looking yard. 

Don’t miss out on all the other Worx lawn and garden tools designed to make your chores easier and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. We’ve got a product for just about any task you need to accomplish. Shop the Worx website for your next string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, chainsaw, power cleaner, leaf blower, wheelbarrow, and much more. Get the inside scoop on the latest money-saving offers and special deals by signing up for our SMS text updates by texting VIP to 28266. Or, if you prefer email, scroll down to the bottom of our home page to sign up for the Worx Newsletter by entering your email address in the subscription box.

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